Team Stevens is a top performing real estate team at Rosemary Beach Realty

located in the stunning Florida panhandle community of Rosemary Beach.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in the Rosemary Community and 30A areas while providing

the utmost care for our clients. Let us make your dreams become your reality.

We make it HAPPEN! We make it FUN!

Steve Stevens : sstevens@rosemarybeachrealty.com : (678) 777-8805

Jan Stevens : jstevens@rosemarybeachrealty.com : (678) 777-8806

“Thank you very much for all that you have done to complete this transaction. We recognize the long hours that you gave to make this possible, and we are very grateful!
-The Starr Family
I wanted to thank you for your help along the way on the home purchase. You have been always willing to address any questions or handle any task! Rosemary is lucky to have you!
Your belief in the community is evident.
-Michael Johnson
Thank you for all you guys did. The kids are loving the place.
We appreciate your thoughtfulness and your help!
-Mark & Linda Wunderlich
Thank you, Jan!! You and Steve have been everything and more!
-John Lugar
Thank you so much for introducing my family and me to our new house! It’s the best ever. Next time we visit Rosemary Beach we should do something together. Also, we can walk Tater around Rosemary for you! Me and Ava think your dog is adorable!
-A note from Hannah & Ava (precious daughters of our customers, the Weill’s)